About H.Freeman

What does it mean to remember? Well, if you ever had the opportunity to meet with Nick Freeman (grandson to Hyman Freeman, founder of H. Freeman) he will tell you what it means to remember the value of face-to-face meetings, understanding customer needs, and naturally… service! “I remember spending a tremendous amount of time on the road… my belief is that you have to be in the stores, meeting with the salespeople and their customers and talking about the clothing’s features and benefits”.

Along with Nick Freeman’s fashion inspiration, the H. Freeman style is an adaptation of H. Freeman and his wife, both master tailors from Russia, who opened a custom tailoring shop in 1885 in the University district of Philadelphia building their trademark on the Ivy League look of a soft, natural shoulder in tailored clothing.

H.Freeman - About

For today’s H. Freeman, total commitment in the philosophical aspects of designing and selling men’s suits and remembering what makes a brand strong, independent and unique is all that matters. Our demand for quality and pride of workmanship is reflected in every one of our garments. With a reputation built upon excellence and impeccable styling, H. Freeman has proudly produced the finest in men’s tailored clothing for over 125 years in the United States.